Manga: Create & Illustrate a Comic

Illustration and Cartooning Course
Practicioner: Irina Richards
Wednesday 15th December | 10am-3pm

We’re really excited to bring you this new course with manga artist Irina Richards.

You will decide the theme of your comic and learn how to create your own characters with Irina Richards. Manga can encompass historical fiction, super hero action comedy, or even romance. There are key styles of writing your story which Irina can help you perfect.

Next step is manga illustration. Manga artists have specific techniques for drawing facial features, poses and bodies and Irina will specially guide you through them all. You will learn about how to make your character’s hair defy gravity, proper anime style! Or how to replicate those famous anime facial expressions.

Did you know that when a snot bubble is coming out of someone’s nose, they’re asleep? Or if a character dies, temporarily, and turns into a ghost, it means they’re embarrassed. How to tell your story through these illustration styles and much more.

These comics can also include collage, as they often do in Japan. Irina will bring a range of materials you can use to enhance your comic and learn collage techniques you can replicate at home.

After this full day’s course you will have improved your cartooning skills and learnt many completely new ones.

Irina says of her art - ‘my aim is to involve, inspire and empower others through creating comics and manga’.

All materials are provided. For our full day’s courses please bring your own packed lunch.


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