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Come and make WURKSHOP the venue for the perfect event.

If you want to host a party where guests will learn something unique and come away with a piece of genuine quality, all whilst having a fabulous time, then our range of party ideas could be perfect for you.

At WURKSHOP we prioritise real skills and expert teaching, so you can expect kids to leave the party with pieces of genuine quality that they will use and treasure for years. Our classes take place in our studio space in South West London where we are fully equipped with all of the arts and crafts resources to make any party dreams come true.


Choose from a range of Fabulous Parties

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    Make a Skateboard

    This is a very special party treat, both for you and for all of your guests!

    You will be guided to decorate your deck using different grip tapes on the top and a spray and stencil technique on the back. Maybe you'll choose a favourite character, a special name or a scene from space or the jungle. The underside of your deck represents you, so anything is possible!

    Wurkshop works hard to source the very best wheels, bearings and decks, so your finished board will be competition quality - you just need to make sure your skills match up to the equipment…!

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    Charcoal Portrait Party

    This must be the quintessential art party choice, as you learn from our expert artists how to render a perfect portrait in the always fun medium of charcoal.

    Students will be able to choose a character to draw from a range of selected photographs, from models and princesses, to witches, wizards and more. They will learn how to grid their work and draw from careful observation, with particular attention paid to the contrast of light and dark.

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    Graffiti Party

    Learn to spray, drip, tag and fade with professional Graffiti Artist Danny. Each student will come away with a canvas of their own art after this very popular party.

    As we will be using spray cans we recommend not wearing your best outfit (including shoes) as the acrylic paint in the sprays is very tough to remove. They will be wearing our work-coats but…

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    Wild Potions

    Hubble bubble! In this magical party, we will mix, squelch, explode and boil.

    Many aspiring perfumers, chemists or chefs started with the art of the potion. But this course is not childhood potions with mud or grass. We will create things you can use at home, or gift to others to enjoy. Come and create some magic, arouse your senses and keep the secrets you learn to yourselves.

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    Block Print Cusions

    At the end of this popular party, each child will have their own cushion to take home with them!

    During this party, the group is introduced to the art of block printing fabric by hand. They design their own repeat pattern, carve the design from lino and then hand print it onto 100% cotton covers using eco inks.

    What will your design be?


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