All of our courses, unless otherwise stated, take place at the Barnes studio space - see here for directions. A range of snacks and drinks are provided free of charge and, where possible, we try to provide refreshments from local independent providers. We have Wurkshop aprons and workcoats to keep your clothes from the majority of paint and stains but we are a working studio, so it's wise to leave cashmere pullovers and silk shirts at home.

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Basket Weaving

Thursday 20th February | 7pm to 9pm

The wonderful willow weaver, Judith Needham, returns to Wurkshop for an evening teaching you how to weave a Catalonian tension tray. This workshop is perfect for beginners and serves as a fantastic introduction to basket making. It is also suitable for more experienced weavers, with numerous ways to elaborate on the design. There is an added option of adding a handles, creating a flat based basket which is perfect for Spring flowers.

Judith Needham is an experienced workshop leader and member of the basket weavers association member.

Visit to see some of Judith’s beautiful work, including willow playhouses for the garden.




Charcoal Portraits

Wednesday 26th February | 7pm to 9pm

Learn charcoal drawing techniques and apply them to portraiture with artist, Hayley Steedman.

At this evening class, students will look at drawing the human form, with a particular focus on drawing a portrait in charcoal from photographs. Students will learn how to achieve various effects with different types of charcoal before progressing to learn about proportion and the human figure. Students will learn how to accurately grid a photograph before drawing their selected portrait in charcoal using what they have learnt.

A relaxed class, both complete beginners and intermediate students are welcome. Have a glass of wine, kick back and enjoy the evening drawing in our beautiful studio in the heart of Barnes Village.




Japanese Bookbinding & Sake Evening

Thursday 27th February | 6:30pm to 9pm

Start absorbing years of Japanese craft and culture with Fukurotoji, a Japanese bookbinding technique eased on your way with glasses of delicious sake.

At this very special evening workshop, Mark Cockram, renowned artist, bookbinder and Fellow of Designer Bookbinders, will teach you Fukurotoji, a traditional Japanese bookbinding technique. You will make a sewn Japanese book, using traditional Japanese papers, fabrics, tools and gold leaf. Steep yourself in Japanese history and culture whilst making this iconic sketchbook.

Whilst discovering the traditional heritage of Japan, what better way to remind yourself it’s nearly the end of a the week, than a bit of sake tasting. During the workshop, Tengu Sake, the premium Japanese sake specialists and suppliers of award winning sake to prestigious restaurants and bars across the country, will treat you to a sake tasting. All lead by their charismatic director, Oliver Hilton-Johnson.




Make a Lamp and Lampshade 2 Day Course

Day 1: 29th February | 2pm to 5pm
Day 2: 1st March | 2pm to 4pm

At this two day Wurkshop, you will be taught how to make a lamp base and shade from scratch, even learning how to wire up your lamp.

On the first day, students will be encouraged to design and decorate multiple sheets of papers, using various techniques. These will include carving a lino block in order to block print a design, as well as using Wurkshop’s array of carved blocks, stippling techniques and even paste paper. These will then dry over night before students return the next day to make their chosen paper into a fully lined, wire rimmed, drum lamp shade.

The base of the lamps will be made by ceramicist, Toby Steedman and students will learn a Sgraffito technique, etching into a coloured slip, to create their own design. These will be fired over night, ready to work on the next day. Students will then learn how to wire and assemble their lamps - leaving at the end of the second day with a completely hand made lamp for their home and skill set to make more in the future!




Lino Landscape Printing

Thursday 12th March | 7pm to 9pm

Join artist, Hayley Steedman, for an evening class carving and printing. Hayley will help students translate a landscape drawing to print, looking at different types of mark making and the various textures that can be achieved in Lino.

There will be an array of landscape images available to choose from but if you have a landscape that is personal to you, students are encouraged to bring a high quality photograph with them to work from. These will then be carved in Lino before printing and editioning the finished results.

Wine, coffee, tea and snacks are included.




Print and Sew a Cushion 2 Day Course

17th & 18th March | 10am to 12:30pm each day

A wonderful two day course, which offers students the opportunity to learn how to design and print their own fabric with artist, Hayley Steedman.  Then return the next day to join designer and professional sewing tutor, Ana Valls from CocoWawa Crafts (, to use a sewing machine and make their own fabric into a cushion cover with contrast piping.  

Students will learn how to design a repeat pattern, drawing it out in detail before transferring their final design to a Lino block.  Hayley will then teach Lino carving techniques, so that students can carve their own printing block of their fabric design.  These will then be used to block print the design on fabric using eco inks.
The next day, students return to the Wurkshop studio where Ana will teach students to make their hand printed fabric into a beautiful cushion cover, with contrast piping.

A relaxed course covering multiple skills and crafts, suitable for intermediate and beginners.  All with tea, coffee and cake included.




Flottage Marbled Paper

Wednesday 18th March | 7pm to 9pm

Join renowned bookbinder, artist and fellow of Designer bookbinders, Mark Cockram, for an exciting evening learning how to create sheets of colourful, decorative papers using a technique known as ‘flottage’, in which colours are floated in water and transferred to the surface of the paper. An experimental technique, used by the Surrealists to create unique, beautiful papers. By the end of the evening, you will leave with multiple large sheets of beautiful papers.

A relaxed class, complete beginners are welcome. Have a glass of wine, kick back and enjoy the evening in our beautiful studio in Barnes.

If you like marbled paper - you’ll love Flottage!

*Have a look at our ‘Bookbinding with handmade papers and gilding’ course on the 1st of April. This course gives you the opportunity to bring the Flottage papers you’ve made and under the expert tutelage of Mark Cockram, bind them into a notebook with a cloth spine and gold foil initialling… beautiful!




Bookbinding with Handmade Papers and Gilding

Wednesday 1st April | 7pm to 9pm

At this special evening workshop, Mark Cockram, renowned artist, bookbinder and Fellow of Designer Bookbinders, will teach you how to make a beautiful lined paper notebook, with cloth bound spine and handmade paper cover.

Those students who have been on our Flottage paper courses have the opportunity to use their papers to form the back and cover of their notebook (whilst those who haven’t will be given a piece to work with). The incredible marbled colours of the flottage handmade papers will be contrasted with a cloth spine.

Finally, Mark will teach gold foil initialing- so that you can personalise your notebook with the initials of your choice in gilt letters - will you be making yours as a present or keeping it for yourself?!

All with a glass of wine, coffee or tea included in the price - so that you can unwind for the evening whilst learning a new skill and skip home with a beautiful handmade notebook!




Introduction to Sewing

3 day course (weekly)

Wednesdays : 22nd April, 29th April & 6th May | 10am to 12:30pm each day.

A fantastic sewing course for beginners, as an introduction to sewing on a machine taught by designer and professional sewing tutor, Ana Valls from CocoWawa Crafts (

The course takes place over the course of three Wednesday mornings, in which Ana will orientate students with our Wurkshop Janome sewing machines, the various settings, needles, tensions and feet. Students are also welcome to bring their own machine from home, if they prefer (just let us know).

Over the three mornings, students will learn to cut from a pattern, with possible projects including a cushion cover, sewing a wash bag with a zip, fabric baskets and pyjama bottoms.

A relaxed course suitable for complete beginners. All with tea, coffee and cake at our beautiful workshop in the heart of Barnes.



New Classes added regularly

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Life Drawing Class

Weekly courses on Tuesday nights 7pm to 9pm

This course will take you through a variety of approaches to drawing the nude figure.
Under the expert direction of Kathy Barker, you will explore different mediums, developing line and tonal techniques, balance and posture, seeing the mass and comparative measurement throughout.

Different models and lengths of poses mean that each week will offer variation and new chances for learning. There will also be an introduction to working in colour with a weekly demonstration.

Small group sizes ensure that you will receive lots of individual attention. Beginners and experienced artists are both welcome at this class.


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